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Author Interview with Denysé Bridger

Creative inspirations and NEW books, too!

As authors, we get asked this question and variations of it many, many times over the course of years in the business. But, rarely does the reader get asked the same question, so I’d like to ask you–what inspires you and your imagination when you are reading the stories your favorite authors write in the hopes that they entertain you? Have you ever wanted to be able to order up a book with all your special elements?

I get my idea everywhere I turn, in the scents that I encounter from all around me, when I walk in the local park, or stand looking out over the ocean… it’s all speaking and telling a story. I see images and they whisper their stories to my mind, captivating my imagination and making me dream of how to make the visions come to life for readers. Music is another huge inspiration for me, and I’ve always got a soundtrack for the important stories and books that I write.

The newest of my books is a short story called PRELUDE TO ETERNITY and it came about when I was attending a convention a few years back and one of the guests, an actor friend, proposed an idea for a character he was playing. It caught my imagination and never left me, so I told him I wanted to write it. He loved the result, and here it is for you to contemplate, apart from his idea, you have a few of my own, of course, and when you read the story I hope you will think about the whole concept and find it interesting, as well.

Since our lovely hostess has been kind enough to let me take up her space at the moment, I thought I’d share both my new books with you. One is my first novel in over a year, and the second one is this short, historical tale – both are paranormal, vampire stories, and I hope they both contain a few surprises!

Thanks for stopping by and if you leave a comment, we’ll pull a name and I’ll send you a surprise package of at least two titles if you win, ok? Now, here are the two new books:

This book was released a few days ago, and it's my first full-length novel in some time. A paranormal thriller that is part historical and part modern day. The first reviewer stated: "Out of the Past is a crime-mystery, a thriller, a romance—intensely sensual, interweaving 1880's London with present day Toronto in a heady blend of carefully constructed scenes and a cast of characters that bring the story to life with an undeniable authenticity. This is a tale that will satisfy on many levels. I heartily recommend it for your 'must read' list. Well done, Denysé Bridger."

I hope you'll have a look, and enjoy it if you decide it's to your reading taste!


A new paranormal romance/mystery novel
Publisher: XOXO Publishing
Cover by: Kayden McLeod
eBook Page count: 260 - Price: $5.95


A series of killings has the Toronto Police Department in turmoil. The press has labelled the killer a “werewolf” and hysteria is on the rise in the heat of the summer… Detective Damien Knightley is the lead investigator, but he’s got secrets of his own that need guarding in this very public investigation. Knightley is a vampire, and as the case gets more complex, what he discovers has him both baffled and worried.

In the Northern Ontario town of Brighton, a visionary woman finds a stranger outside her door, and because he’s near death she brings him into her home. In the wake of her kindness, dreams and visions expose things that terrify her. The stranger is a wolf, and history is about to repeat itself and explode in violent death if they can’t reach Toronto and capture a renegade on a blood-hunt.

As Damien recalls a love from a century ago, the threads of time are being pulled together, joining the past and the present. The beautiful woman he is falling in love with is bringing back memories he’d rather forget, and when the killer is finally revealed, there are more questions than answers in the identity…




            The flames rose, blindingly intense, searing away the last vestiges of reality. Somewhere inside her, Shanna Blackthorne felt a scream of terror begin. Her hands moved, sluggishly, as though through mud, until they reached her face. She wanted to obliterate the inferno that raged before her, but it refused to be extinguished so easily. She gulped air into desperate, struggling lungs, but only the hot, dry fire poured into her body.
            The scream escaped.
            There was no one to hear it.
            Pain exploded within her, but in its wake was clarity. She writhed, whimpered weakly, and shook her head in denial of what unfolded before objecting eyes...

            Fog shrouded the night, curling, mist-like tentacles that floated above the street in search of human warmth. Despite the relative earliness of the hour, the normally busy roads were eerily quiet. Only the occasional burst of noise from an opening door gave evidence to the teeming life of the vast city. Outside the noisy pubs, a lone figure prowled the streets.
            He watched, and waited. Patience was a familiar imposition, but it ended well, usually.
            Tonight would be no different.
            He picked one of the oldest dives in the vicinity, a place he knew well. He also knew most of the women who frequented the establishment. He had long ago decided he preferred the sweetness of feminine flesh to males. There was one lady in particular that he had wanted to get close to, but she had always eluded him. It was the eve of a new year tonight, and he decided it would begin with her company.
            He didn't have to wait long, but she emerged from the tavern with another man in tow. Furious, he followed.
            He hesitated as he watched the couple from the mouth of a darkened alley. They were less than a block from the Britannia, a public house located at the North corner of Commercial Street and Dorset Street. He'd witnessed the customary exchange of coin, and could clearly hear the sounds of the whore's business being carried out. The chill of December didn't reach him as he continued to hover, torn between his anger and the fury of his lust. He could have had his pick tonight, but he had chosen this one. She had always disappointed him, of course. The entire great city was in a drunken Holiday stupor.
            The scents of sex and sweat teased his senses and he felt another, stronger pang of hunger deep within him.
            He stepped into the alley and approached the couple in complete silence. She knew he was there, he realized a moment later when her liquor-brightened eyes pierced the shadows and found him in the darkness. His heartbeat quickened, he heard his own sharp intake of breath, felt the rapid pulse he'd learned to associate with fear and excitement. Her customer quickly pulled himself together and stumbled off without a backward glance. The passage of time held hunter and prey motionless, clear blue eyes locked with glassy hazel. When she held out her hand to him, he stepped toward her.
            "You're not like the others, are you?" she questioned in a slurred voice.
            There was still enough awareness to make him pause. He took her chin in his hand and tilted her head so he could look more closely at her. She was very young, especially for life in Whitechapel. She was not overly pretty. Before long she would be like so many of the women who populated this area, aged by the harshness of a life that meant little to any of them.
            "What's your name?" He pretended not to know as he kept his tone a gentle, compassionate whisper.
            "They call me Emma, my lord," she grinned, the expression exposed rotting teeth and foul breath. He might have been wrong about her age, he realized distantly. She straightened her clothes and inched closer to him. Here was a handsome young lord, and if she played this right, she might be rewarded richly for her trouble.
            "Do they?" He smiled, imagined he could hear the shift of her thoughts as she contemplated her chances of successfully robbing him. Still smiling, he reached into his pocket and pulled out a gold coin. Her eyes fastened on the proffered money, greed easily read past the haze of alcohol. When she snatched the coin from his hand, he pressed her back against the cold brick of the building.
            Emma's spurt of laughter was abruptly silenced when her head was yanked to one side. The snap of bones was audible, followed by a groan of pain. Then the only murmur that could be heard in the blackness was the soft maddened laughter of pleasure as his teeth tore her flesh from her bones...

            "No... Dear God! Enough... please?"
            Shanna wept bitterly, disoriented and horrified by the latest dream/vision. The savage inner conflagration had receded, replaced by the reality of the tiny blaze in the ancient stone fireplace that dominated her small living room. There was little comfort in the awareness that what she had seen was very old. The agony of the killer still twisted around her heart, chilled her despite the heat that emanated from the hearth. This was simply the latest in a long line of dreams that had brought unbearable terror into her life. She'd heard about the others, those that were not ancient deaths, but happening now, and with each murder came the fear that she might have stopped it. The reasonable part of her mind knew better, of course, she never saw a death before it occurred, but that did not make it easier to witness people being destroyed. She cringed, tried to escape the rest of the thought, failed. She could still feel the flesh being torn from fragile bones, muscle and sinew shredding like paper in the hands of a killer that was more monster than man.
            She forced herself to her feet, and walked into the lovely, old-fashioned kitchen. As she went through the ritual of making tea, she made herself recall every detail of the murder she had been forced to witness and feel. Within the heart of the killer was a conflict as old as the latest vision itself.
            Pain, coupled with deeply repressed fears. The mind of this killer was not mayhem and madness, despite the obvious appearances. She sensed agony, and loneliness, and confusion. Like an empath, she absorbed the emotions, made them part of herself, and cried softly without truly being conscious she did so. Shanna had known isolation and ridicule in her own life, knew what the scorn and contempt of others could drive someone to, if they didn't learn to draw on inner strengths.
            She pulled her lacy shawl closer to her, huddled against its illusory warmth. Long waves of auburn hair fell to her waist, and she swept the heavy fall back in a gesture as natural as breathing. The whistle of the kettle drew her wandering attention back to mundane tasks, and she finished her chore automatically.
            A short while later, curled before the fire once again, Shanna shivered. Her gaze flew to the door of her cottage- style home, and the sound of a low, anguished howl wrenched at her soul. Pure, raw agony flooded her body, and with it came a terror stronger than anything she had ever before known.

Publisher: XOXO Publishing
Genre: Historical paranormal


Ever wonder why a vampire cannot walk in the light of the sun... why he was cursed to nocturnal existence.... reviled by all... a symbol of evil? I have a theory... the Prelude to Eternity....


The man was dying. Alexander had a keen sense of encroaching death. He was often the cause of it. Angelo della morte – Angel of Death.

He wasn’t sure if the words inside his head were his own, or a whisper from the man who was near death before him. It was an appropriate name to give him, the most honest of the many he’d taken over the past several centuries.

A chill touched his spine.

The shadows were growing longer, yet the sun blazed infinitely brighter behind the
figure who commanded the former priest’s enraptured attention.

‘You have damned your kind to a darkness greater than any you have known before.’
Again the words whispered softly, sadly, into his barren consciousness.

As Alexander watched, the sun passed behind the prisoner. He stood, immobile, and felt the shadow of the cross settle over him. Pain, a searing, fiery force that drove him to his knees burned into his dead flesh. He was being torn apart from within, and was helpless to move. Ice flooded through him in the fire’s wake. Again, he was paralyzed by the onslaught of terror and anguish.

For endless, eternal minutes, Alexander writhed before the cross. His mind screamed in a steady litany of agonized horror and emerging understanding. The darkness grew absolute around him and his pain eclipsed all other awarenesses…

Denysé Bridger
Sensual Treats Magazine:

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What is New with Ashley Marie Lucas

I thought it would be fun to be in a blog hop! So thank you authors doing this with me.  I am of course going to give away a prize!  It is going to be a choice of either Moon Light Tales here is the blurb

When the bodies of beautiful blond women start showing up in Silver Wolf territory Alpha Jason Likos contacts the Blue Moon pack to help him solve the murders. Detective Phoebe Azure and pack Beta Alex Yarrow are sent to help solve the crimes but as soon as they arrive in town they are get a very unwelcome surprise. Phoebe’s Wolf Used to relying on her detective skills and her were abilities Phoebe Azure is beyond frustrated to find herself in serious trouble. The only man who can rescue her is Silver Wolf Alpha Jason Likos but can he save her in time to catch a murderer and find Phoebe’s missing friend? Yarrow’s Vampire Honoria, ruthless mistress to the Haven Coven is used to defending herself from those who wish to over throw her and gain control but she has never had to defend her heart before. Can a strong man of action like Beta Alex Yarrow be content to let his woman fight her own battles?

 or you can have Tina B Alternative Romance Vol 2

I will tell you about my story for The Love of Bryce.

Bryce is a vampire, he is being held hostage by his coven. Now he is using his power of dream walking to find his mate. But his mate is a werewolf. Since vampires and werewolves are at war can he convince his mate to save him before it is too late?

Pictures of the covers are on my side bar

here are the buy links

Moonlight Tales

Tina B Alternative Romance Vol 2

Now to be entered here are some questions to answer

What makes a paranormal romance memorable to you?

What do you think is over done in the paranormal world?  What would you like to see more of?

M/M or M/F pairings and why?

pretty easy!!

I will draw a winner on the 19th

come enter today!


Lisa Sanchez Romance Author blog

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Interview with Author Cindy Jacks

What is your newest release? 

Phantom Touch coming out this October with Ellora's Cave. It's part of their Sex Bytes theme and I'm really excited about this project. I combined the Phantom of the Opera story with the current social network phenomenon. I think it comes across as a timeless yet thoroughly modern story of love, sex and romance.

How can we find it? 

 It's coming soon to my Ellora's Cave author page - and I'll be giving sneak peeks this month on my website -

What publishing houses are you with?

Ellora's Cave writing as Cindy Jacks and Cobblestone Press writing as CJ Elliott

Do you have blogs, facebook, twitter, how can we stalk you on the web? 

LOL, I love web stalkers! Here are my links
twitter: @cindyjacks

What draws you to the genre you write? 

Contemporary erotic romance is what I mainly write. I love exploring the complexity and richness of contemporary relationships. Modern women have so many choices when it comes to expressing their sexuality and I love being a part of that expression. As for paranormal erotic romance--it's just plain fun to write. I love letting my imagination run wild. 

What makes a book memorable to you?

Powerful characters, real moments of vulnerability and scorching hot passion. I strive to infuse all of my work with these qualities.

What do you hope your readers get out of a Cindy Jacks book?

More than anything else, I hope to absorb the reader in the world I've created. Life is stressful and often tedious. If I can take the reader away from her everyday life, even for just a little while, I consider the book a success.

I know you write as another name why do you use another name and what is it? 

CJ Elliott. I use the pseudonym to separate my paranormal work from my contemporary work. I think it helps set the expectation in the readers mind--a Cindy Jacks book has a certain flavor, a CJ Elliott book has another.

Are there any books in a series that you have written that you want to revisit in the future?
Very much so. At the beginning of my career I wrote a series I titled Point of Distraction. I loved the characters but despite the fact that it was critically acclaimed, it didn't sell well. I'd like to revise the series and make it more appealing to readers. I know if people gave Ana and her friends a chance, they'll fall in love with them just like I did.

What makes a good hero? And what makes a heroine memorable?

For me, a hero has to be strong, smart with a touch of vulnerability. There's nothing sexier than getting an alpha male to show you his soft underbelly. As for heroines, they have to be equally strong as the hero. I've never been one to write passive, docile female characters. I think readers will find my heroines are just as bold as my heroes, butt definitely still feminine.

If someone is new to reading you what book should they start with? I'd recommend LANDLOCKED. It's my favorite book to date and there's a lot of romantic development before the characters give in to their desires. I love creating that kind of sexual tension.

Are you going to any reader events for the readers to meet you? 

I'll be attending Romanticon Sept 29th - Oct 2nd in Akron, OH. It's my first conference so I'm excited and nervous. I can't wait to meet readers and other authors in the flesh.

People think that writers have such glamorous lives what is the most unglamorous thing you have done late?

LOL, oh gosh, so many to choose from. Part of my process is to let ideas stew which means I spend as much time working on a book away from my laptop as I do typing away. The best activities to get my creative juices flowing are mundane cleaning projects (mostly because once I start cleaning I immediately want to STOP!) So yesterday I spent the whole day hunting down dust bunnies while ruminating about a plot line. Ick!

Who would be a dream collaborator for you?

 I would love to write a book with Denyse Bridger (hint, hint, Denyse!). She and I are great friends and she's an amazing writer.

What would you say to any aspiring author about how to be a writer?

As cliche as the advice is, I would tell anyone who wants to be an author to write and read everyday. The more you write, the more skills you'll develop. The more you read, the more you can learn from other writers. Personally I do both every day. At least *most* days :) My final bit of advice would be to stick with it. A lot of this industry is perseverance.  Believe me, every published author has had his/her fair share of rejection. Take rejection as a learning opportunity instead of a failure. Easier said than done, I know ;)

What would you like to tell the readers about you?

I LOVE reader feedback. So much of writing is done alone--it's not like acting in a play or singing on stage where you get immediate audience feedback. I love when readers take the time to contact me--even if it's to say they didn't get what I was trying to do though it's wonderful to hear that my book has made a positive impact--readers are essential to what I do. Without them, I'd have no one to tell my stories to.

What would you like to ask the readers?

 Well, I'd like to pose the same question to the readers that you asked me earlier: what are the books that leave a lasting impression and why? I'd love to hear the titles that have stuck with them long after they finished reading.

CONTEST: An signed copy of Pirate's Passion which includes my novella LANDLOCKED

so post a comment and win a book!! Will draw the winner Tuesday to give everyone time to submit.

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LS Beck Interview

What is your newest release?  

Evernight is actually my first piece released.  I am working on a manuscript or two right now to send in soon hopefully.

How can we find it?  

You can find the book at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and on the XOXO Publishing website itself. The release date of Evernight is the 15th of September.

What publishing houses are you with? 

I am with XOXO Publishing. No others as of yet.

Do you have blogs, facebook, twitter, how can we stalk you on the web? 

*laughs*  I do have a Facebook page, LS Beck... and  Not on Twitter yet but I am sure I will be eventually

What draws you to the genre you write? 

I have always let my mind live in a world of fantasy.  It was an escape, a way to be exactly what and who I wanted to be. The genre of exotic fantasy romance is so full of life, almost tangible to me.  I seem to love creating the vivid imagery that breathes vitality into my characters.  

What makes a book memorable to you?  

When it makes me feel that the possibility is there that it could actually be the way the author portrays it, when I look at my world differently and say... just maybe... and I can usually tell if the author loves what they are writing about, and if they take pride in their work.

What do you hope your readers get out of a L.S. Beck book?  

  I want my readers to not be able to lay the book down until they have finished it, and then want to read it again. To anticipate the next release, to actually be a part of it, to fit themselves into the story like they are one of the characters. There is not a person on this planet that has not felt at least alittle of what I write about, so they can relate in some way.

Are you working on just individual works or will you be writing a series eventually? 

  Well, my manuscript that is in the works right now  I hope to make into a series.  I have plenty of material swimming around in this mind of mine *smiles*

What makes a good hero? And what makes a heroine memorable? 

hmmm... well, to me a good hero is grown, not made.  He evolves into who he needs to be.  They don't always start out that way.  But the quality is already there.  As for a memorable heroine?  The strength she has, and I am not just talking about the physical.  True strength comes from within... I know that may sound corny but thats how I see them.

Are you going to any reader events for the readers to meet you? 

Nothing has been set up as of yet, but if any are in the near future, I will be posting it on my blog, so keep an eye out.

People think that writers have such glamorous lives what is the most unglamorous thing you have done lately?

  You mean besides my complete existence?  My life in general is not glamorous but the most unglamorous thing lately for me would have to be cutting coupons off cereal boxes to get my favorite ice cream for free... I smiled all the while I ate it, things always taste better when they're free *laughs*

Who would be a dream collaborator for you? 

I have always loved Dean Koontz... his work enthralls me.  He knows just how to capture and hold your interest.

What would you say to any aspiring author about how to be a writer?

  Well, I was that aspiring writer not that long ago, so I would definitely say have the courage to take the step and send your work to a couple publishers, or enter a few writing contests.  It just takes once to get your foot in the door.

What would you like to tell the readers about you?  

Wow... talking about me is not easy, but I'll give it a shot.  I live my life to the fullest as I have come too close to not having another chance at it to waste a single day.  I will never act my age, no matter how old I get.  My son is my soul purpose for existing so his needs come first.  But I always try to be just me for a little time each day.  So I don't forget I am an individual.

What would you like to ask the readers? 

I would love to ask the readers of my work, why they chose to read it, and if they would continue to read as long as i was true to myself.

ok heres the links for some promo stuff too