Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blog Tour Post!! with CONTEST

  Hello!!  Thank you Drea for letting me be a part of your blog tour!

Welcome to my home on the web. Take a tour and let me know what you think of this place.

Are you ready for the holidays?  How about Halloween.  This holiday I love I can sugar up my little cousins and nephew, and nieces and then ....send them home! YES revenge is mine!

Speaking of revenge I have a story in the Tina B Anthology Vol 1. Jamie is a secretary. He is tired of his boss always coming down on him. He is planning the perfect revenge in the story Revenge is Best Served Hot. Alex his boss will never know what hit him trust me on that!

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Now if you are hankering for a Halloween themed story here is Triad  Blurb
Three exceptional stories by three XoXo Publishing best selling authors. Halloween Triad. An anthology you won't be able to put down. Lilianna Conti
May Eye Review Yours Books

Brigit Aine

As he walked past the department store window, Steve was dumbstruck, his jaw fell open and his heart skipped a beat. There she was, the perfect woman. Flawless alabaster skin, striking platinum hair, the darkest green eyes he had ever seen. She was dressed in trendy clothes, cute jean Capri’s and a tank top with coloured swirls on it that matched her eyes. It was almost as if she had been plucked out of every dream he ever had. Walking closer to the store window to get a better look Steve was disappointed to see she had strings attached to her, she wasn’t real at all. His sense of loss was so deep and profound that he felt his heart break. How could she not be real? She was everything he was looking for. There was no way that someone this perfect to his image wasn’t real. Going in to the store he walked over to the display to see her close up. A doll, a life-sized marionette.

The Purrfect Man
Ashley Marie Lucas

Gia was pacing back and forth. It was bad enough that she had given into the pressure and had hired a date for tonight. His being late was only adding insult to injury. She was having second and maybe even third thoughts about attending the engagement party with its Halloween theme. That was an odd theme for an engagement party but then again, her cousin Madeline was a bit different not to mention spoiled. Ahhh yes dear cousin Madeline, the bane of her existence. The fact that she was about to marry Gia’s ex fiancĂ© Brian only added strain to what was already a strained relationship. Oh not about the ex fiancĂ© part, yes that was awkward but did it have to be to Madeline?

Cynthia MacGregor

Starting way back when she was fifteen, Amy had had a crush on Burt. The tall, lean, sandy-haired fellow, then twenty-one and still a bit gangly, was her brother, Ed’s, best friend. Burt and Ed had gone to school together, studied for two years at the community college together, taken jobs at the aircraft factory together, and four years later, enlisted in the Air Force together.
It was after that that their paths diverged, Ed remaining Stateside while Burt was shipped overseas. Ironically, however, the injury that led to Burt’s discharge resulted not from enemy fire nor even from friendly fire, but from a literal fire—a fire that raged through the mess hall where Burt, who had pulled KP duty, was hard at work. Instead of saving his own hide when the fire broke out, however, he stayed behind to rescue two others, who had been knocked unconscious by the explosion that had started the fire. That bit of devotion to his comrades-in-arms had cost him dearly: He’d been burned all over, but his right leg took the worst of it, and even after intensive rehab he was pronounced not fit for further service and sent home with a medal.

Here is the buy link for Halloween Triad

If you would like to meet a sexy curvy lady named Phoebe and her equally sexy man Jason here is Moonlight Tales Blurb
When the bodies of beautiful blond women start showing up in Silver Wolf territory Alpha Jason Likos contacts the Blue Moon pack to help him solve the murders. Detective Phoebe Azure and pack Beta Alex Yarrow are sent to help solve the crimes but as soon as they arrive in town they are get a very unwelcome surprise. Phoebe’s Wolf Used to relying on her detective skills and her were abilities Phoebe Azure is beyond frustrated to find herself in serious trouble. The only man who can rescue her is Silver Wolf Alpha Jason Likos but can he save her in time to catch a murderer and find Phoebe’s missing friend? Yarrow’s Vampire Honoria, ruthless mistress to the Haven Coven is used to defending herself from those who wish to over throw her and gain control but she has never had to defend her heart before. Can a strong man of action like Beta Alex Yarrow be content to let his woman fight her own battles?

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 And last but not least I have two paranormal creatures you just have to  meet Sam a were wolf and Bryce a vampire their story is in Tina B Vol 2 called For the Love of Bryce

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 Contest time!!
What you have to do is answer my questions and one lucky person gets to pick which pdf they want from the above titles.
  What is your favorite genre and why?
What paranormal creatures would you like to see more of?
What paranormal pairings are you sick of?
What makes you try an author you have never heard of before?

Have fun!


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