Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Debra Jayne East author interview

What is your newest release?
My newest release is Radiance...Love after Death. I did extensive research on people who had near death experiences. I wondered what if you fell in love during the moments of time you passed from life to death? The results are a love story that's very unusual yet romantic.

What inspired this release?
 It all started with me finding a crooked heart-shaped stone. I was depressed and going through a divorce. I wasn't suicidal, but I didn't want to live. One evening I had taken my children over to stay with their older sister. For some odd reason, I reached down into the grass after I got out of the car. I couldn't see anything; it was like I was drawn to that spot. My fingers pulled out a quartz stone shaped like a tiny irregular heart. It was imperfect and had a crack half way through the middle. A clear voice spoke inside my mind. "Even though your heart is broken, it’s still a heart... you can still love again." At that moment I knew it was no accident I found that stone there. It saved my life and had the power to change how I thought about love! This message is meant for us all. My love story is woven around the event of finding that stone. The message of the stone is all about new beginnings. I had Sandra Pendragon design a pendant made from rose quartz to celebrate the release of my book. The result is The Heart-Stone pendant. As you can see by the picture it's beautiful!
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What is the buy link?
 It's being released by XOXO Publishing at
http://t.co5HYNxWD and also on Amazon Kindle.

Does where you live influence your writing?
 I would say so. I enjoy writing about places that I have actually been. My novel is set in Eden, North Carolina and ends up in Lily Dale, New York. I find that people love quirky funny characters and laid back attitudes. You can rest assured I have met all kinds around my neck of the woods!

What genre do you write in? What genre would you like to explore in the future?
   I write paranormal romance but I also love bump in the night books. I'm going to try my hand at science fiction. I'm working on a novel now called, "Snipe Hunt." It's about urban legend gone wrong in a way that makes the hair stand up on your head! Stephen King move over!

What makes a good book for you?
It has to be unpredictable. If I have figured out the plot by the end of the second chapter, I lose interest.

What books do you have on your keeper shelf?
I have a book by Richard Paul called "The Christmas Box," and several Barbara Cartland books in her series of romance novels.

If you were stranded on a deserted island what three things would you want with you and why?

 I would want a Bible because it is a roadmap for life; I would want Sobe Lifewater {Strawberry Kiwi} because it is my favorite drink EVER and last but not least, a camera to capture all the beautiful sunsets.

What would you like to ask the readers?
Do you like detailed  descriptions of the main characters or do you like a little left up to the imagination?

Thanks Ashley, I've enjoyed this!  Debra Jayne East

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