Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Would you believe I am actually blogging today!

Okay I have two new releases to tell you all about.

One is Moonlight Tales 

here is the description

When the bodies of beautiful blond women start showing up in Silver Wolf territory Alpha Jason Likos contacts the Blue Moon pack to help him solve the murders. Detective Phoebe Azure and pack Beta Alex Yarrow are sent to help solve the crimes but as soon as they arrive in town they are get a very unwelcome surprise. Phoebe’s Wolf Used to relying on her detective skills and her were abilities Phoebe Azure is beyond frustrated to find herself in serious trouble. The only man who can rescue her is Silver Wolf Alpha Jason Likos but can he save her in time to catch a murderer and find Phoebe’s missing friend? Yarrow’s Vampire Honoria, ruthless mistress to the Haven Coven is used to defending herself from those who wish to over throw her and gain control but she has never had to defend her heart before. Can a strong man of action like Beta Alex Yarrow be content to let his woman fight her own battles?

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This one is a M/F romance

The Next Release I have to Chat about is

Tina B Anthology Vol 2

I have a story in it called For the Love of Bryce.  Sam is a werewolf, he keeps having dreams about a sexy man, only to find out this man is a vampire who is being held captive.  Sam has to save his love before it is too late

here is the product description of  the book

What do a vampire, a masseuse a baseball player and a werewolf all have in common? Four talented authors tell you, in this second gblt anthology!

here is the buy link

and if you look on the side bar you will see the pictures! 

 Have a couple more MM projects in the works will let you know more about them as they progress!


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