Friday, September 21, 2012


Fall Contest
Cindy Jacks
J.J. Massa
Milly Taiden

These authors have teamed up to bring two of you some great prizes to win YES TWO winners

Each winner will get
1 choice from Cindy Jacks backlist and 10 dollar Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift certificate.
KevaD is offering two pdf copies to each winner.  Winners Choice
 J.J. Massa has two pdf copies to give away as well ( one to each winner) Daddy’s Girl, Metamorphose, Hauling Ashes are the choices.

Milly Taiden is giving away two pdf’s one to each winner.

How do you enter?  Answer the questions below.  Send the answers to in the title put Fall Contest Entry.

Any emails not following the rules will be disqualified.

Questions from Milly Taiden
Q. What's your favorite romance book ever?
Q. What's the longest you've taken to read a book?
Q. Favorite paranormal fictional character?

Questions from Cindy Jacks
1. What's one title from the Bad Girl Chronicles?
2. Name the two main characters from Landlocked and Smuggler's Blues (hint, click on the book covers to find out more).
3. What's the title and topic of my most recent blog entry?

Questions from KevaD
In “Whistle Pass,” the fictional town of Whistle Pass is based on what real life town?
(Answer is on my About Me & Contact page)
In the excerpt from One Night Minstrels, what is the song the woman’s voice in the darkness asks about?
In the Zombie with Flowers in Her Hair excerpt, what is Iris’s high school class motto?

Questions from J.J. Massa
First--Who was my last guest blogger
What made my daughter the hands down winner in our bird-bobbing contest?
What rule helps you with proper placement when you're taking a picture?

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